Camp Ernst Middle School will have two productions a year. This year for the Fall play, students are putting on "The Tale of Snow White." Not quite the version are most commonly use to.

Oh, no!  Not ANOTHER Snow White play!  But have no fear!  This fresh and funny adaptation will make even the most jaded folks laugh out loud as it expands the Brothers Grimm tale with new characters who have always lived between the lines of the classic fairy tale.  This version, using a fun frame story of a contemporary mom reading to her bickering children, is loaded with bright new faces and comedic twists.  We meet a gaggle of forest animals, friendly Dwarf Villagers, a troupe of ladies-in-waiting with a penchant for limericks, the Huntsman’s squabbling conscience and even a nerdy governmental representative from the Department of Natural Resources trying to keep the forest dwellers from ruining the environment! 


Phillip Jordan

Rm 617

Molly Bishop

Rm 616

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